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#1 1970-01-01 00:00:00

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As its known in phpbb, this topic is for any bbcode you think would be useful in the forums, anything at all it doesnt matter, just suggest it here and see that we think :wink:

[color=lblue]current (without the spaces)[/clb]

[ b][/b][ i][/i][ u][/u] - bold,italics,underline

[code ][/code] - when posting code

[color=red ]red[ /cr]
[color=orange ]orange[ /co]
[color=yellow ]yellow[ /cy]
[color=green ]green[ /cg]
[color=lgreen ]light green[ /clg]
[color=blue ]blue[ /cb]
[color=lblue ]light blue[ /clb]
[color=purple ]purple[ /cp]  - colors

[spoiler ][/spoiler] - challenge spoilers with general syntax highlighting

[youtube ][/youtube] post a youtube video - this should be in the format

[img ][/img] lets you post an image

[hide ][ /hide] for full downloads forum, makes it so you have to post in the thread to see the topic

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#2 2009-01-31 08:35:57

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Re: bbcode

im an idiot

banana [color=blue]What are T0mmy9 And S0wl Good For?
S0wl : Big Weed smoker.
T0mmy9 : A cup of tea and cookies banana[/cb]


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