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#1 2018-11-01 02:47:29

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Maplestory M is fans' opportunity

This wouldn't hurt the Prime marketplace, as min/maxers would still need them. As someone who is likely considered middle class/mid game... All these are the biggest glaring defects to me.

Finest method to generate  w/o spending real money?

I have played walnut for some time, but still do not know the best way to make billions of maplestory2 mesos. I have attempted elite supervisors, but they are so annoying to discover and to even acquire maplestory2 items. I need more damage in my end archer, my damage range is 78000-90000 (flat 153}. What's so gosh darn costly and I cant fund my characters values crap.

I do not spend less on maplestory2 MS and'm considered underfunded, but get around it. I've got friends that give me their"bad scrolled" items which are better than mine, even if they screwed up their scrolling it. There are some really nice MS players out there that are going to help you too. As for getting mesos, you can sell boss drops and such. I tend to NPC most things because of hating the free market. Just look for a few people around and talk to them.

You would be suprised that they may help you..or even invite you for their guild. Then someone out of my guild basically gave me bad"CRA" equips. We all I need are the pants and got the entire set. Meanwhile, I hope fighting GOLLUX too for his rings and such. I am also doing Commerci ship quests for your sweetwater items. You may think trying for these too.

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