WGA Bypass

Microsoft has gone out of limits with spreading out a SPYWARE that traces your winXP CD Key. It created problems even to those who have really paid for an original copy of Windows XP. For those not, here are some tips:

Disabling The Notifications [And NOT Removing]:

You will hear many ways on the internet (deleting a whole bunch of files or renaming them to .txt). I don't encourage you to delete or rename ANY file. Deleting .dll files of the wga will result to ur computer to close over and over again. Also don't download any cracks, patches etc that you dont know from whom they are made. Simply do what i will tell you and you're done!

- Step 1: Download
- Step 2: Run hijackthis.exe and scan your computer
- Step 3: Search for the line 020
- Step 4: Find "winlogon notify : ...wgalogon.dll"
- Step 5: Check it and fix it
- Step 6: Restart your computer and you're off to go!

Check the image bellow:

Windows Genuine

In the image above you can see where the wga is located at. Thats how it will look after fixing it.

Before, it was "C:\WINDOWS\system32\wgalogon.dll"

This method won't delete the file, it will just remove it from startup. Again, do not EVER delete wgalogon.dll because you will have problems (like your computer closing down each time you boot it). In case you just renamed that file, and experience this problem, just boot windows in safe mode, name that file back to .dll, restart, and follow this tutorial.

Last Note:

Other methods found in the internet tell you after deleting the notifications to find another way to have your windows updated since automatic updates won't work. Yes, deleting the files as i told you not to, doesnt really solve the problem. In fact, if this works and doesn't screw your computer, you won't see the notifications but microsoft still see that you run a non original copy. With my way, the genuine check doesnt run at all so you will be able to get all automatic updates. Be sure though to turn the updates to "Notify me..." to check if microsoft tries to install other spyware software to check your windows again and block it.

Enjoy your pirated Windows!!!

Tutorial by sOwL



this is great


lol this is why i use linux. this tutorial works though


Or I also heard you could change it in the Registry...


well this is changing the registry using hijackthis. winlogon is stored in registry


But Tbat Also Works Perfectly

just open up your command prompt

and then type slmgr -rearm

and then restart your computer

and after some effect

your windows 7 will be genuine


Why is not available for downloading!!!