Free hacking tutorials to help out anyone who is new to this.

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Video / Flash Tutorials:

Text Tutorials:

Tutorial 1: Challenge Help

A little help in the right direction for this sites hacking challenges.

Tutorial 2: Remote File Inclusion

How to run a web shell on an external server, giving you full control.

Tutorial 3: SQL Injection

The basics building and using SQL injection.

Tutorial 4: WGA Bypass

The best way to bypass Windows Genuine Advantage notifications, without deleting essential files.

Tutorial 6: JavaScript Injection

Helpful tutorial on JavaScript injections. May help on a selection of site challenges.

Tutorial 7: Cookies

Information about cookies and PHP session cookies.

Tutorial 9: The Null Byte

A brief but descriptive tutorial on the null byte and how it can be used in hacking.

Tutorial 10: PHP Globals

A descriptive look at PHP globals.

Tutorial 11: Brainfuck!

A look at the complicated language made to challenge programmers known as "brainfuck"

Tutorial 12: Phishing Pages

What phishing is and how to create a successful phishing page.

Tutorial 13: Encryption Methods

Some popular encryption methods and information on how to decrypt them.

Tutorial 14: Assembly Language

A tutorial to get you started on programming in assembly language - a low level language that's great for coding exploits in.

Tutorial 15: Steganography

[request] What steganography is and some of the methods used for hiding messages.

Tutorial 18: John The Ripper

How to use John The Ripper in standard mode.

Tutorial 19: Further SQL Help

More help on creating and using SQL injections, user contributed.

Tutorial 20: Cookie Stealer

How to build a basic PHP cookie stealer to retrieve login information.

Tutorial 21: Telnet SMTP

How to send email from the simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) of a server using telnet.

Tutorial 22: Assembly Code

The basics of assembly language. Covers more than the previous tutorial.

External Tutorials:

Tutorial 1: Ollydbg Tutorial Collection

A collection of how to use ollydbg to crack keygens without any patching. Varying levels of difficulty.

Tutorial 2: Access Driver Tutorial

How to use access driver to break into .htpasswd logins (most commonly used by XXX sites.)